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Helix Road


Helix Road - Color ball rush

Candy color wall 3D game

Are you ready for the impossible challenge?

we bring you a highly challenging and addictive ball game. Helix Road: color ball rush– It’s a color candy style of the ball games. This color bump game is a new adventure arcade 3D game to test your motor skills. Get a Jump on for installing it.

No more boredom now. Get your hands on the best smashing color ball game and start achieving high scores. This tapping game has easy finger touch control to maneuver the color ball. Push the ball forward through a rotating spiral road made of candy using your skills. Let the ball smashed through the colored walls. Don’t let it crush!

helix road- screenshot

Features Of Helix Road

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Our Users say

"Helix Road is easy to play yet challenging. One of the most colorful ball rush games."
Tony K.
"helix road color ball rush is best game best ball rush very fantastic and lovely so cute"
uosho yaya
"so addictive helix game! This tap game has easy finger touch control to maneuver the color ball."
Claire Madura
I really enjoyed this free and addictive rolling and ball crush game 👌 everyone just downloads now to enjoying it"
Meer Ahmed


Beautiful And Cool 3D Graphics And Background


Available On Google play

Game engine

Made with Unity


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