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Merge Car

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Merge Car

Merge the cars into a new car

A highly addictive game to keep you going with a vast and variety of cars and spaces to grow your Garage!

Making its concept very simple and straightforward you’ve got many car boxes, and now it’s your job to turn it into an amazing and profitable garage.  You have to merge the similar cars to grow further and once they grow they will be merged into newer and more profitable cars to keep your garage growing and nurturing. Every so often you’ll be gifted a new gift box including a haphazard car that you can upgrade. The faster you tap on the box at the bottom of the screen, the faster the car boxes will appear. Every single car helps you to earn the money and more upgraded cars have more incoming per second for you. With the earned money, you can purchase cars and go on your way to make it the biggest garage.

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Features Of Merge Car

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Beautiful And Cool 3D Graphics And Background


Available On Google play

Game engine

Made with Unity


Available On App store

3D Models

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