Merge Car – Best Vehicle Puzzle Game

Get ready to merge cars, tap on the gift boxes and discover a new wonderful car.
Merge Car  is the perfect merging car game for car game lovers as it makes classic and newer cars look very appealing. 
It is a free, fun and simple merge game that gives you the opportunity to merge cars into more beautiful, newer, and more expensive cars. It is a highly addictive merge game that allows you to have a large number of cars with equally large garage space for you to store your cars. We have free gifts drop from time to time, once you tap on gift box, it reveals a new free car for you to add to your garage.
In Merge Car - Best Idle & Clicker Game, you will create your garage, merge your cars to make them more advanced, and earn more profit, experience, and money. 
As your level increases, you get to unlock more garage spaces for your cars. You also have the opportunity to buy new cars to add to your garage. Watching ads in the game can also make you upgrade faster as you can gain gift like the ability to double your cash, or free cars to add to your garage.

Features that make Merge Car - Best Idle & Clicker Game special:
• Merge and match the same cars on the parking to clear garage space.
• Has simple, intuitive and easy to use controls.
• There is a leaderboard for you to check your ranking.
• You can donate a car to your playmate.
• Discover new cars.

So whether you are traveling by train, bus, or airplane, stuck in traffic, less busy at the office, or unable to sleep, no matter the situation, this is the best merge car game you can play to pass time. But remember, this game can be very addictive. 

Happy playing.

                                                      Available On App Store And Google Play And Amazon! 





Full description of Merge Car Game Mobile for Android & ios

Merge Car game makes classic cars a newer look surprisingly easy. All you have to do is merge cars that look the same as each other, and  create a newer one. Keep on merging, and level up, and unlock a new car. It’s a simple concept but just in case you need some help , don't worry about it, you would learn it from trainig tips during the game.

General Tips

Tap frequently on the box when you can. That’s the path to unlocking a box faster, even if it is quite repetitive. Ideally, do this until you run out of land, then spend some time combining cars and repeating the process.

Buying cars is an option as you accrue more money. Each time you buy a type of car, the price increases. You want to base what you purchase on the profit per second of each type of car. 

When you plan on closing the game for a while, it’s ideal if your land is filled with cars of the highest possible level. It’s a good way of earning plenty of money while you’re away from the game.

Aim for the achievements. They’re simple things to work towards, and they’ll reward you with free money. Make sure to go check and claim them though!

Leveling up

Leveling up is a matter of merging a sufficient number of cars. For instance, merging two level one cars gets you one experience point, while merging two level two cars gets you two and so on.

That means that leveling up is going to come pretty naturally. Keep merging those cars, and you’ll level up slowly but steadily.

Leveling up means you gain more land in which to grow your Garage on.

Level up sufficiently, and you unlock a new car to play in. It’s the same format, but with new car types.

The Art of Patience

Not up to much with your phone and able to leave it alone for a few minutes? Simply leave the game open for a few minutes, and watch as the ticker for a free box does its thing. You’ll earn a free gift box every few minutes this way.

Each gift box contains a car in it, saving you money and time when it comes to creating it for yourself.

There are 38 different car in all meaning this isn’t the kind of game you’re going to finish in a weekend. Keep merging those cars but don’t worry if you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere. It’s a slow but steady marathon, not a sprint.

ADS are Useful

Watch all the adverts you can. As soon as you log in, you can watch an advert to gain a double coin bonus and it makes a huge difference.

You can also watch an advert to gain a free car every once in a while. Do this as much as possible.

Gained a free car via a gift box? You can upgrade it one by watching an ad. You know what to do. It all speeds up your overall progress to getting anywhere.





1. do we have a concept of losing game?
no! you will discover new cars till to reach the newest car

2. Do I lose everything if I uninstall the game?

no! the data will remained save for you

3. can I use the benefits of in-app-purchase after reinstall the game (such as remove ads banners, update the primary boxes, ...)

4. Do I earn coins after leaving the game for ever?
you'll earn coins for 1000 seconds after leaving the game

5. Can I remove the ads?
 yes! the ads will removed after buying in-app-purchase and remove ads.

6. What is the best way of buying car models to spend fewer money?
to discover new car you can buy the last 8 cars in store

7. Can I play sprinter?

yes by watching ads, you can double your coins between 2 to 8 hours 

8. Do you consider awards for top players?
 yes we've considered awards for top players that it will announce subsequently

9. Can I delete my data from your game?
Yes, you can request your email address in the form Post to clear your info as soon as possible

10. How can I send my opinion or critics for you?

yes you can send us your opinion or critics to our web mail


Merge Car! Screenshots
Merge Car : Play No!

Merge Car : Expand your Parking

Merge Car : SHARE To Earn Coins

Merge Car : Discover New Cars

Merge Car! Screenshots
Merge Car : Play No!

Merge Car : Expand your Parking

Merge Car : SHARE To Earn Coins

Merge Car : Discover New Cars

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