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Maryam Ahmadi

🔘 In today’s fast-changing digital world, how people behave online keeps changing. This affects how businesses operate online too. Businesses need to keep up and change their plans to catch people’s attention and sell more. But the tricky part is figuring out how to do that and where to find customers online. In this blog, we look into how to navigate the digital world to connect with customers and boost your business. We’ll share tips from recent studies and reports to help you understand and reach your target audience online. Come along as we explore using games to grab people’s attention and make your business thrive in the digital age.

In a crowded market filled with countless apps across every category, it’s crucial to highlight what sets you apart and the value you offer. Prioritize your users above all else. Develop a platform centered around your users’ needs and continually refine its features and benefits based on what they use, enjoy, and appreciate the most. By doing so, you’ll attract users who are more likely to stick around, boost retention rates, and ultimately enhance the value of your business.

🔘 Decoding Digital Users: Understanding the Power of Super Users in the Online Space

So further to these descriptions Let’s get to know our online users better in the digital space:
According to a recent report from “Activate Consulting,” digital users can be divided into two main types: super users and other users. It’s important for businesses to understand these groups to effectively target their audience online.
Super users have distinct characteristics:
✔️They spend a lot more time on various technology and media activities.
✔️They are skilled at multitasking, allowing them to spend more time with technology and media daily.
✔️They contribute significantly to eCommerce spending.
✔️They are early adopters of new technology and devices.
✔️They lead the way in embracing emerging technologies like AR, VR/MR, Metaverse, and generative AI.
✔️They tend to be younger, wealthier, and more likely to have full-time employment.
✔️They are more loyal to celebrities and influencers, often following them on social media and buying endorsed products.
✔️They exhibit higher loyalty to favorite series/franchises.
✔️They have greater trust and affinity towards preferred brands, leading to increased willingness to share data, purchase exclusively from, and pay more for these brands.
✔️They are valuable brand advocates for consumer brands.
✔️They are early consumers of newly released content.
✔️They use a wider range of digital media services compared to other users.
✔️They attend more live events and experiences, spending three times as much annually as other users.

🔘 Unlocking Success: How Games Drive Engagement with Super Users in the Digital Space

Therefore, it’s essential to target super users to promote our services and products and leverage their influence to reach a wider audience. According to reports, super users are particularly active in videos, gaming, music, podcasts, and social media platforms. Additionally, data from the report indicates that we had Over 1.1 B Downloads, $1.5B Spend Spent Per Week on Mobile Games Globally in 2023.
Looking at the Sensor Tower reports on the App Store and Google Play, it’s clear that games rule the revenue share, making up 62% on the App Store and 78% on Google Play until 2027. Meanwhile, categories like photo and video, social networking, books, lifestyle, and others are not as profitable.
Considering the huge number of users, downloads, spending, and revenue in the gaming category, businesses should think about making games to connect with their audience. Games are a great way to grab and keep users’ attention, making them a smart choice for businesses looking for effective ways to communicate.

🔘 conclusion

Therefore, it’s clear that targeting super users in the digital space is essential. Considering the behavior of super users and the channels where they are most active, games emerge as the optimal choice for businesses to connect with and attract them.

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